Savings: What, How Much, and Where

Use the slides above while watching the video below.

The Money Management Bible Checklist


􀀀 Create your savings budget

􀀀 Emergency Fund (3 – 6 months of living expenses)

􀀀 Retirement (15% of income, including employer match)

􀀀 If applicable:

􀀀 Home Down Payment (20% down)

􀀀 Car Payment (down payment or full value of car)

􀀀 College (your discretion)

􀀀 Travel (your discretion)

􀀀 Medical Emergencies (your discretion)

􀀀 Home and Car Repairs (your discretion – based on age and value of home/car)

􀀀 Anything else you would like to save for

􀀀 Update your zero-based budgets

􀀀 Put savings on auto-payment (use “Where Should I Put My Savings” slide to know where to put savings)

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