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The Ultimate Money Management Bible eCourse

to Become Financially Literate, Make Important Financial Life Decisions, and Feel Good about Money. Start on Your Journey to Financial Security and Freedom.

How Financially Literate Are You Actually?

Want to know how financially literate you actually are? Take this quiz to find out.  What was your score? Comment below.   Don't MissOther Blog Posts

What Is Your Money Management Personality Actually?

Want to know what your money management personality is? Take this quiz to find out. What money management personality did you get? Comment below.   Don't MissOther Blog Posts

Top 7 Money Tips for New College Grads

Life after college is kind of scary. You start a job. You might have moved to a new city. You might be looking for new friends. You're just trying to figure it all out. Independence is cool and all, but it does come with an enormous level of responsibility. In the...

Are You Scared of Money?

  The Great Recession. The stock market crashes. The value of your home decreases. The loss of your job. The panic as you scrape together money for your groceries. The Netflix subscription gets cancelled. The loss of your electricity. The loss of your home. The...

Top 4 Personal Finance Apps You Need to Get Your Finances In Order

Technology is a blessing if you use it in the right way. Let's fast track our journey to financial freedom by using apps to aid us in monitoring our budget, debt payments, savings, and investing. With these tools, it will be easy to know our overall financial health,...

5 Reasons You’re Bad With Money

A lot of us have hang ups about money. We didn't learn how to manage our finances in school and our parents might have taught us bad habits. We simply don't even know how to navigate the space. As they say, the first step is admitting you have a problem. If you fall...

Investments for Retirement

Investments for Retirement "   Last week we talked about how to retire early using the FIRE method (Financial Independence, Retire Early). Now that we understand the method for retiring early or simply the method for saving for retirement effectively by choosing a retirement goal, time to retirement, and savings rate, we can now delve into […]

Retire Early: Learn the FIRE Method

A new movement is starting to gain traction: FIRE– Financial Independence, Retire Early. Of course, Millennials are leading the charge. They are asking an important question: why should I have to work decades until I'm 62 years old, the average retirement age? Yes, 62...

10 Unexpected Ways to Save Money

Saving money is harddd. We always have an excuse for splurging on that thing we crave (you know that thing for you). But we all know we need a little money cushion at all times. Don’t beat yourself up — you can start saving today. Whether you’re saving for an...

The 7 Best Personal Finance Books Worth Reading

Read any of these 7 personal finance books to take control of your financial life by getting out of debt, budgeting, saving, and investing.