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Top 10 Home Decor Instagrammers You Should Follow Now

It's a beautiful era everyone – you can shop for pillows, art, and candles at a moments notice on the one and only Instagram. Or at least if we're on a budget, we can look at the wonderful inspiration of these home decor bloggers. Follow these 10 Instagrammers that...

7 Tips to Make Your Home Renovation and Remodel Go Smoothly

Renovations and remodels can give people serious panic attacks. Renovations involve so many moving parts–the trust of other people, logistics and scheduling, time, and money. Many people have experienced the pain of a remodel gone terribly wrong. I've heard many...

Why You Can DIY: People You Don’t Need for Your Project

Learn why you are perfectly capable of doing a DIY for your renovation and remodel, and why you don’t need the experts.

How Much Does It Really Cost To Decorate A Room?

Curious about how much it costs to furnish and decorate a room? Want to know how to decorate your home on a budget? Follow these guidelines to get home decor ideas for cheap.

How to Decorate Your Room from Scratch

Follow this guide to learn how to decorate your room from scratch when you move to a new home or apartment or want to redecorate.

10 Unique Last Minute Home Decor Christmas Gifts

Panicked because you need to get a last minute Christmas gift? Don’t worry. Look at this list for 10 unique home decor gifts.

Home Office Design On A Budget

Check out my small office design to get ideas for your small office decor and organization in your home.

What Type of Cabinets Should I Get?

Check out these cabinet types for your cabinet makeover, hardware, and style ideas.

Bathroom Closet Organization Ideas

Take a look at these bathroom closet organization ideas and learn why you need to organize in the first place.

Glam Living Room Home Decor Makeover

Check out this home makeover to get glam living room decor ideas.