Are You Scared of Money?

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The Great Recession.

The stock market crashes.

The value of your home decreases.

The loss of your job.

The panic as you scrape together money for your groceries.

The Netflix subscription gets cancelled.

The loss of your electricity.

The loss of your home.

The motor in your car dies.

The unexpected bill to fill your cavity.

The time off to care for your children.

The time off to care for your parents.

The back pains that make you take time off from your new job.

The insurmountable amount of student loan debt.

The debt from credit cards to stay afloat.

The look on your children’s face on Christmas day.


Did any of that scare you? Did you feel tears forming in your eyes? An uneasiness? A feeling of darkness?


Maybe you feel scared because one of these things actually happened to you. Maybe you feel scared because you’ve worked so hard to make sure that it would never happen to you.


All of us have stories about money. You might have watched your parents struggle to make ends meet every month as a child. You might have lived a privileged life before the recession to then see your life crumble after the recession. You might have been in a family of posers – always trying to keep up with the Joneses by riding around in a new Mercedes Benz, but getting suffocated by debt. Only one misstep and your whole life will collapse. 


I know the feeling. I was a teenager of the Great Recession and had to scrape together quarters to fill up my parent’s car to get to school with my older brother. It didn’t help that my dad was in the real estate business, so it would take years to recover from the bottom of the economy.


For my whole life, my dad lived the life of an entrepreneur. He was used to the ups and the downs, but this down was really a downer. Nevertheless, the beauty of life is that it works in cycles and life got better. Life always can get better.


Let’s take a moment to think about your story. Think about your memories that have to do with money. My memory is scraping together coins for gas money. Focus on that memory and allow yourself to feel all the emotions you had at that moment. Fear. Anxiety. Discomfort. Unsafe. Suffocating. Insecurity. Unsure. Stupid.


Now, take a step back. Look at your emotions for what they are: valid concerns that plagues literally everyone’s mind. Whether you’ve always had money or always lacked money, we all are thinking: what do I do with this money?


Real talk: money does equal safety for most people. Lots of money also equals freedom for most people. We all know deep inside that it’s just a number in our bank account that almost seems imaginary, but we know that money has the power to affect the outcomes of our life, such as the quality of our healthcare, food, and housing. We need money for the basic essentials of life. And that’s just the truth and our reality.


There’s nothing wrong with accepting reality. Your feelings are valid. But the last thing we want to do is hijack the success of our own lives. Is being scared of money causing you to make bad decisions, or not make any decisions, with your finances?


We navigate so many scary, big financial decisions over the course of our lives. From education to career to home to family, the financial decisions we make our crucial to our sense of security and freedom.

How to we stop being scared?


It’s so simple. As they say: knowledge is power.

When you understand how money works you become comfortable with dealing with money. Money is merely an instrument for you to live out an abundant life. If you feel like hiding in a corner when thinking about money, seek out more information. You can take my free ecourse on How to Gain Financial Security and Freedom by understanding your net worth.     


What’s your story about money? Comment below.


This post contains content this is for informational purposes only, and should not be considered legal or financial advice. Please read my Disclaimer for more information.

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