Why You Can DIY: People You Don’t Need for Your Project

Learn why you are perfectly capable of doing a DIY for your renovation and remodel, and why you don’t need the experts.

It’s a reasonable to feel scared about potentially screwing up your precious house. This isn’t a Barbie dollhouse, this is a living, breathing house that is probably your greatest investment. You want to increase your property value, not install the wrong backsplash in the kitchen forcing future buyers to cringe in embarrassment for you.

This fear might be enough for you to give up and go to the professionals. Now, I’m all for listening to your gut, and if you really feel like you need to employ the professionals, then do it. But still take this guide with you to insure that what the professionals are doing is actually correct. According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost nationally for a home construction manager is $20,019, an architect is $5,110, and an interior designer is $5,592. That’s a grand total of $30,721, and that’s not even all your expenses. You need to be equipped with knowledge when you are dealing with projects that could potentially cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

By carrying this book around, you will feel empowered to speak up when your project is taking thrice as long and twice as much. Avoid shoddy workmanship and incomplete work. It’s easy to trust your contractor and architect when you have a source to check the quality of their work. It is good to be a micromanager in this case because you don’t want to be bamboozled.

But my question for you is: Why even expose yourself to that type of heartbreak?

Sure, experts are experts for a reason, but many of these professionals are not experts. You’re truly going to need to ask the contractor about 30 questions to confirm that he is an expert. If you move into a starter home and need to do work on the foundation, move electric wiring, change the plumbing, then yes you need the hands of the expert contractors, architects, engineers, and interior designers.

But, if you move into a starter home and need to change the flooring or change the cabinets or even change your bathroom tub, you do not need any of those experts. You really can do all of it yourself. You are perfectly capable. Why put yourself at risk to hiring a sub-par contractor, seeing sub-par work, and then having to spend more time and money to fix those mistakes, or worse, live with those mistakes.

You’re not alone in your quest to DIY your home renovation and remodel. In the 2018 LightStream Home Improvement survey, 35% of people planned to DIY and 30% of people planned to DIY and hire a professional for their remodel. The Millennial generation in particular was fond of going the DIY route, with 70% stating that they would do a DIY project for a portion of their home. Why are they doing it, you might ask — because DIY is more cost-effective, they are capable of doing the finish work, and it gives them a sense of personal satisfaction.

Put your life in your hands, dust off your old jeans and t-shirts, and get to work. You will be so proud that you built your home and can relish in the fact that you could control the process. But I already know that you’re a go-getter. That’s why you’re here. I just wanted to give you a pep talk before we started. You can do this!

Are you going to DIY remodel your home? Comment below.

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