What Type of Cabinets Should I Get?

Check out these cabinet types for your cabinet makeover, hardware, and style ideas.

Sometimes it’s your cabinets that make your kitchen, bathroom, living room, office, and closet. Though it seems like a minor detail when you’re thinking about your space as a whole, your cabinetry can truly make your home appear dated or elevate your design . If you’re thinking about renovating your home or renting or buying a home, let’s keep in mind these 5 types of cabinets that can complete your design.


1. The Seamless Cabinet

This cabinet is not only clean, it’s functional. You can hide away so many things. These cabinets are also really great at establishing your main design for the rest of the house. Choose this cabinet if you want lots of storage space, love modern design, and want to use high quality finishes for your cabinets.


2. The Open Cabinet

Open cabinets or open shelving are all the rage these days. And there’s a reason why. You can showcase those beautiful bowls and plates, while also cutting down on the time to get those bowls and plates. Choose this cabinet if you want an airy feel to your home, want to showcase your items, and in general like homes that actually feel like a home (you know what I mean).

3. The Traditionally Modern Cabinet

This cabinet is like doing deep breathing exercises at yoga class — it’s so relaxing. It’s an updated version of the kitchens many of us have seen in the past, but with updated paint, materials, and hardware. Choose this cabinet if you like the glam chic aesthetic, like a traditional kitchen, and want to brainstorm about all of the great hardware choices for your cabinet.

4. The Glass Cabinet

This cabinet makes a home look like a museum in a good way. You can display all of your belongings without fear of children accidentally pushing something and then breaking your valuables. Choose this cabinet if you want to elegantly display heirlooms, want to ensure that your items will not easily break, and think that glass will complement your overall design.

5. The Many Boxes Cabinet

This cabinet is avante-garde, but practical all at the same time. You can organize all of your spices or plants with this type of cabinet. And the cabinet will draw the eyes of every visitor who pops into your home. Choose this cabinet if you are focused on organizing your space, want to bend the rules of what a cabinet should be, and want a unexpected show-stopper piece.

Sometimes we can’t completely renovate our cabinets — it is expensive — so we have to resort to slabbing on a different color paint or switching out the hardware. Let’s go through some excellent hardware choices for you if you would like to make these small, but effective, changes in your home.

Hardware Choices

Depending on your design aesthetic, consider these pieces of hardware for your cabinets.


See it on Amazon here.


See it on Amazon here.


See it on Amazon here.


See it on Amazon here.


See it on Amazon here.

What was your favorite cabinet and hardware? Comment below.

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