Glam Living Room Home Decor Makeover

Check out this home makeover to get glam living room decor ideas.

If you are anything like me, you’ve always dreamed of a beautiful French chateaux to call home. The long doors and intricate moldings have always caught your eye. Let’s go through this living room to see how we can make our dreams a reality. With a few changes, we can update this space to feel like home. And, you can use these ideas in your own home design!

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Let’s look at this space one more time with the suggested changes annotated. 


Let’s get one thing straight. This place is gorgeous. From the bookcases to the black doors to the outside garden, this place is stunning. But with these 10 changes we can make it even better. 


1. Two Sofas

I adore this sofa, with its beautiful plant embellishments. The sofa looks very rich and blends in well within the space, while also adding another dimension of texture.

All we need is one more of this sofa. We can have the other sofa facing this one, which will allow people to have better conversations with each other in this living room. And, the other sofa will have a view to the garden outside.  


2. Update Pillows

These pillows don’t mix well with the sofa’s design. The colors are nice, as they reflect the green of the outdoors, but we need the pillows to be less billowy and more crispy. Let me show you what I mean. We need pillows like these:

See it on Amazon here.

See it on Amazon here.

See it on Amazon here.

See it on Amazon here.

These pillow choices will accentuate the texture in the sofa, and add color to the room. These pillows also complement the sofa’s richness.


3. Update Lamps

Because of the symmetry of the bookcases and the door, the lamps feel like they need to be symmetrical as well. Right now there are two different size lamps that look similar. Let’s try to get a pair of lamps. Let’s take our cue from the original design. We can either do matching floor lamps or table lamps. The choice is yours. 


Floor Lamp

See it on Amazon here.


Table Lamp

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Both of these options are refined and stylish, very much so like the clean bones of the space. 


4. Update Side Tables

It really bothers me that the two side tables in the original design are different sizes. It seems as if they are misplaced, in a place that is calling for symmetry. So like the lamps, lets continue with this idea of symmetry and pick two matching side tables. 

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Love, love, love this table. Need it in my life now. This table has a mirrored tray top and thin legs which makes the table appear light and airy. This design is perfect because it does not clutter up the space. 


5. Update Coffee Table

The idea of using a round table in this space is spot on. In a space that is filled with squares and rectangles, a circle provides a welcomed diversity. However, the current coffee table is too heavy for the room. We need to continue with the light and airy theme of our side table.

See it on Amazon here.

This is so pretty. The simplicity of this design allows for the open feeling that we want, and the opportunity to focus on the other wow factors in the room’s design. 


6. Update Chair Situation

I know we’ve been talking about symmetry for a while, but in this case I don’t think we need it. Let’s scrap on of these chairs. We already added an extra sitting area with the second sofa. Now, we want to get a chair that is a statement piece and the wow factor that the coffee table was setting us up for. 

See it on Amazon here.

You know, when searching for the perfect accent chair I didn’t have pink in mind. But boy oh boy did this chair delightfully surprise me. The only thing I would do to this chair is paint the legs black matte. It balances sophistication and spunkiness. Like you want to be friends with someone that owns this chair.


7. Different Flower Arrangement

The flowers in this design are indeed nice, but I want more of a classic arrangement. This is our opportunity to add  a pop of color to the space. Also, instead of placing the flower arrangement on the side table like the original design suggests, let’s simply put one arrangement at the center of the coffee table. Blue hydrangea would fit well here. 

Don’t you feel more peaceful already?


8. Get Rid of the Bookcase Cabinet Doors 

Getting rid of th bookcase cabinet doors will allow the space to look more modern. We will also be able to actually see the knick knacks in the Cabinet and appreciate their design aesthetic. Without so many enclosed spaces, we can keep in the vein of our light and airy theme.


9. New Cabinet Paint Color

 This space needs a radical change. We have added furniture that has a very soft tone and we need to balance that out by doing something bold. I propose that we paint the cabinet doors black — the same black as the doors leading to the garden.

This change will make the space so much more dynamic and spotlight the lightweight furniture. The contrast is dare I say, sexy, and I’m salivating at the thought of this idea. 


10. New Carpet

To finish out the design, we need a new carpet to mix in with the boldness of our new paint job and he lightness of our furniture. I also think this is a good opportunity to add more texture and color to the room. This is a good choice to achieve the look we want: 

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This carpet is so bold and rich, which will tie the whole space together. It adds color and texture too, which will contrast the black cabinets and door. 


What do you think of these changes? Comment below.

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