Bathroom Closet Organization Ideas

Take a look at these bathroom closet organization ideas and learn why you need to organize in the first place.

My bathroom closet is a mess. I have a mix of my full beauty products, travel size beauty products, and other random toiletries. I realized that I didn’t have to live in this utter chaos and could organize my closet so that I would be able to reach for my moisturizer with ease. It only took a few cheap tricks to organize the closet. 

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 But why should we even spend all of our time cleaning and organizing a space that no one will see? What really are the benefits of organization?

Why Should We Organize?

1. Reduce Stress

When your environment is cluttered, your mind reflects the clutter of the space. This will increase your stress levels because everything seems out of whack. But imagine coming home from work with a perfectly organized space. You will feel more relaxed because you know everything is in its rightful place and easily accessible.

2. Increase Overall Health

When you do not organize your space, often times certain places in your house just don’t get cleaned. For example, that means you can have a build up of dust, which might cause irritation of the eyes, coughing, and sneezing. Organizing can help you avoid common pollutants like dust. And, because you have less stress, you overall health will increase anyways. 

3. Save Time

When you know where everything is, it will take you a fraction of the time to find the items you are looking for. This allows you to free up your time to do more meaningful things in your life like spend time with your family and doing your side hustle. Don’t ignore those times it took you 10 minutes to look for something because 10 minutes can really add up over a lifetime. 

4. Save Money

When you’re not organized, you forget that you have stuff. It could be something hidden deep in your closet or in plain sight, but if you are not organized you could miss the fact that you own that thing. Instead of going out and buying something new, take an inventory of your belongings while organizing to see if it’s necessary to make a another purchase. You might surprise yourself with the things you have lying around and save yourself $10, which we know adds up over a lifetime.


Now that we know that you definitely need to get organized, let’s take a look at the before and after of my bathroom closet organization.

Before & After

I’m not kidding guys. It’s so much easier to do my morning and nightly beauty routine. I know that I need to reach for the bin on the left for my larger beauty products (cleanser, moisturizer, toner, essence, face masks, eczema cream) and then reach for the jar to get my smaller beauty products (serum, acne spot corrector, toothpaste). Yes, I know I have a lot of beauty products (lol). 

And in the right large bin, I have all of my hair products, from my leave-in conditioner to coconut oil to hair bands. Yes, I know I have a lot of hair products as well, and that’s only like half because I have the rest in the shower….

The crazy thing is by adding these two large bins, I save several minutes in my frantic mornings getting ready for work. But organizing the rest of the mess opened my eyes to how much stuff that I had lying around, particularly the stuff that I forgot that I owned. Like I was going to go out and buy razor heads, but realized I had one sitting around while decluttering.

Here’s a closer look at my closet:

From the top to the bottom, let’s go through how I organized this closet. On the top, I have all of my travel bags full of my travel beauty products, which you cannot see in the picture. I then organized all of my miscellaneous stuff that I use less often. 

Then, the middle section has my everyday or weekly items. I bought two large bins which house my large beauty, body, and hair products. My makeup bag and eyeshadow palette are in the front left. Luckily, I don’t have as much makeup so it all fits into the bag. To the right, I have 3 jars. One jar holes items for my teeth, the other for hair, and the last one for my face. 

The bottom tier is all of my products for when I get sick (or if I’m trying to grow my hair or soften by fabric lol). I just lined them all up so that I can see what they actually would help me with if I get sick. And the great burn baby burn candle leads the way.

This project ultimately took an hour. 15 minutes to shop for the containers and 45 minutes to organize everything and declutter. This one hour has had a drastic improvement in my life, which is kind of strange to say but is true. I guess I can feel all of the benefits of organization all at once by doing this project.


How You Can Organize

Now let’s talk about how you can do your own organizational project. For these simple organizational fixes, I suggest that you head to the Dollar Tree. You don’t need to spend a fortune on the baskets that no one ever will see. Let’s try to get some that are pretty to make ourselves feel better, or you can find something that speaks to your own aesthetic like my skull jars. But we really need these baskets for their functionality, so let’s find them on the cheap cheap.

You can just get baskets and jars like in my bathroom closet:


See it on Dollar Tree here

Note: each pack has 36 baskets



See it on Dollar Tree here.


Jar With Clasp

See it on Dollar Tree here.


What are some of your ideas for organizing your bathroom closet? Comment below.

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