Rustic Home Decor Makeover

Let’s go through how we can transform this rustic home without any renovations.

Do you want your home to look like the delightful photos you see on Pinterest? Many of us don’t have $10,000 to spend on high-end products or a professional interior designer. Luxury is expensive. Well, most of the time. Let’s go through an example of how to make your living room go from drab to fab without breaking that piggy bank. Let’s master the art of bougie on a budget, and elevate our spaces!

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Exhibit A, my friends.

Let’s be honest with ourselves. This place is a total snooze. It’s sad that a place with mountain views, high ceilings, and a cozy fireplace lacks the proper decorations to make the space pop. Don’t fear, though. I’m going to show you how to enhance this space without renovations, and hopefully you can use these ideas in your home, especially if you have an older house or apartment. 


Let’s look at this space one more time with annotations of what needs to change.

I will say that openness to the view is gorgeous and the breakfast nook area is both functional and cute, but there are 10 changes that need to be made in this space. 

1. Carpet

This carpet is dated and looks very old for what seems like new construction. If you have the means, I would rip this carpet up and expose the wood throughout the whole space. But, if you’re working on a tight budget, simply covering the carpet with a rug that pops will enormously help the space. 

How do we fix this? I would opt for a rug like this:

See it on Amazon here.

This shag style will create a warmth in the room while covering the old carpet. This is the perfect rug for you to feel cozy drinking a cup of tea next to the fireplace. 

2. Sofa

I love how the sofa picks up the mountain skies perfectly. But, the sofa should be a larger sectional sofa so that the living room becomes even more inviting. 

We can fix this by simply buying another one of the sofa and placing it in front of the window. This change will allow for my communal space, and a sense of coziness within the larger mountain frame.  

3. Miscellaneous item

I think this item is supposed to be a coffee table? Not sure. All I know that it looks out of place. It seems redundant, too, to have a place to put your feet on when you can just lounge on the sectional sofa. The item doesn’t even fulfill the need for storage. A much better choice would be….

4. What should be the coffee table

The miscellaneous item doesn’t really do anything for the room, but the right coffee table would do wonders for this room. I like the idea of picking up the wood tones already present in the kitchen and main door. These are two great options:

Option 1

See it on Amazon here.

Option 2

See it on Amazon here.

Both of these choices bring out the earthy, rustic nature of the home without overwhelming the room. I do think that a white rustic coffee table would also work well in this room. 

5. Lack of bar stools

Though the aisle between the kitchen and living room is thin, this kitchen island needs bar stools. Bar stools have the effect of pulling together a space, and is also a chance to showcase a fun and unexpected design. Let’s go with fun and unexpected. How cool are these barstools?

See it on World Market here.

With three of these barstools, you continue with the rustic modern theme that is oh so entrancing. 

6. Outdated light fixtures

The breakfast nook light fixture is blah. There’s nothing inherently wrong with it, but we can step up this space so much more by adding a modern light fixture. I like the choice in the types of light fixtures in this space, especially the long elegant ceiling lights in the kitchen and the chandelier in the breakfast nook. Let’s modernize the breakfast nook light fixture though with this choice:

See it on World Market here.

With a light fixture like this, guests’ eyes will be pulled to the breakfast nook, and then the mountain views. 

7. Lackluster console table

This console table is not only lackluster, it also looks out of place in terms of its style. It almost looks like it should be at someones beach house rather than a mountain home. We want a sophisticated wooden table to make the whole design cohesive. This console table ups the sophistication level, while also keeping the rich white and wooden tones and allowing for storage:

See it on Amazon here.

But, let’s also get this back on track by borrowing from the blue tones of the sofa and balcony banisters to bring more color into the room by adding a piece of art. You can pick up a piece like this:

See it on World Market here.

These types of colors will make the console area pop and add a warmth of color that the room desparately needs.

8. Wrong type of plants

Although we desperately need some more color in this room, I don’t think these blue flowers are really doing the trick. They are washed out in the space (and you can barely see the white flowers). Luckily if we put a green plant in here, it will also add color to the room. Let’s opt for a larger plant that takes up space and provides nature in the home. The fiddle-leaf fig tree is a sensible choice:

See it on Amazon here.

Put this bad boy under a window and water once a week. 

9. lack of curtains

We want to see that gorgeous view, but we also want privacy. The perfect balance is to have a curtain tieback to allow you to see the view when you want to and then close up the curtains when you’re seeking privacy. This space is perfect for white, floor-length curtains that will make the room feel light and airy, as if you are floating in a cloud of mountains. Love these curtains for this design:

See it on Amazon here.

I would put these curtains on every window in the living room and breakfast nook, and get curtain tiebacks to maintain the illustrious view. Simple ones like these work well:

See it on Amazon here.

This curtain tieback ties in nicely with the wooden tones all throguhout the home. 

10. opportunity for customized design 

Now I know I said earlier that we aren’t going to do any renovations, but a little DIY project to have built-in customized shelving on both sides of the TV and fireplace would make the space so dynamic. You could add books, family heirlooms, and other decorations to take the sophistication level of this humble, mountain home to the next level. 

But if you don’t want to work on a project like that, you can check out this awesome Mosaic Wood Panel with Shelves:

See it on World Market here.

You can put one of these on each side of the TV and fireplace, which will add so much texture to the living room space and will no doubt be everyones favorite piece. Guests will come visit and the first thing they will probably see is this panel, and they will collectively open their eyes and mouths wide in awe and admiration. 


What do you think about the changes I made in this space? Comment below.

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