How to Decorate with Throw Pillows

Learn the tips and tricks to decorate with throw pillows.

I was going to add throw pillows to my living room sofa, but your girl spent too much on Nordstrom Rack’s summer sale. I will wrestle up some money (or the strength to go into debt) to get my perfect throw pillows. When you search for your throw pillows, come back here to get the ultimate guide to picking them out. I know I’ll do the same when I actually go out to buy my pillows. It’s a calculated balance that you need to create to make your throw pillow collection really work. 


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So let’s begin. Follow these steps exactly to pick the perfect throw pillows. 


1. Pick A Focal Piece in Your Room for Inspiration for Your Throw Pillows


For example, the focal piece I picked in my living room sofa’s throw pillows is my wall art. I want to pick up the colors in the the art. Currently I have white feather throw pillow that picks up the white border. And even though I have a blue velvet sofa, I realized that I’m missing a great opportunity to bring more color into the room by incorporating the red, orange, and yellow hues in the art. Add a splash of stone gray and my pillow sequence will look like a sunset on a mountain. 


2. Pick the Number of Throw Pillows 


Once you’ve decided on the color scheme of your pillows, think carefully about how many pillows you need. You ideally want to fill up your whole sofa or bed’s headboard because it simply looks comfier. Put that obviously depends on the size of your sofa and bed. For example, my sofa is 81.5 in (6.79 ft/207.01 cm). So, for this amount of space, 5 – 6 throw pillows should fill up the space without it looking like a cluttered mess.  


3. Pick the Sizes of Your Throw Pillows


There are so many different types of throw pillows. Here they are:


  • Traditional Throw Pillow

  • Lumbar Pillow

  • Euro Pillow

  • Bloster Pillow


And remember throw pillows can come in different sizes, from 9 in x 9 in to 31 in x 31 in (from 22.86 cm x 22.86 cm to 78.74 cm x 78.74 cm). 


My white feather throw pillows are 16 in x 16 in (40.64 cm x 40.64cm). And I like that size. I will probably incorporate 3 more throw pillows at that size, and then maybe add a lumbar pillow to accentuate the grandeur of the blue velvet sofa. Remember, the most important part about sizing is consistency. Stick with similarly sized pillows that neither overwhelms or gets swallowed up by the size of the sofa or bed. 


4. Pick the Patterns of Your Throw Pillows 


Like sizes, there are many pillow patterns. Mixing together various patterns will create more texture in your space and will look fun! Here are some pillow patterns you can play with:


  • Geometric

  • Floral/Flower

  • Solid Color

  • Polka Dots

  • Striped

  • Chevron

  • Ikat

  • Damask

  • Animal Print

  • Patchwork

  • Paisley

  • Toile


And you can also pick different types of material to add texture, such as leather, velvet, or wool. 


5. Pick Your Layout for Your Throw Pillows


We’re almost done. Now you need to choose how you want to arrange your throw pillows.


For a living room, you can put several pillows on both sides of the sofa, separating the pillows. Or, you can line the pillows next to each other. Or, you can stack the pillows in various parts of the sofa. The point is that it’s really your own personal taste, so get creative! I will probably line my pillows up one by one, but partially stack the pillows. 


For a bedroom, you usually would want to put the same number of pillows on each side and maybe add a small pillow in the middle that could either be the same or different type/size of pillow as the others. 


And say that you are decorating a chair with throw pillows, you can opt for 1 or 2 pillows. You would stack the 2 pillows. 



So there you have it – a complete guide for you to make your throw pillows look absolutely splendid. Check out these throw pillows that we have that would make your room like absolutely stunning:

What do you think of the throw pillows? Do you like them? Comment below.

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