What Type of Lighting Should I Get?

Your lighting fixtures can take your room to a whole new level. Get some ideas that you can implement in your home.

There are so many types of lighting you can choose from. You might be thinking: Should I go with a lamp or a scone? Well look at the various lighting options below and your choice will become clearer to you. Don’t be too stressed out. There’s no bad choice when choosing lighting for the most part. 

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Hanging Lamps

Hanging lamps are the classic type of lighting in all homes—they work both inside and outside. You can pick a unique hanging lamp that will make your room stand out from the cookie cutter designs typically seen in kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms. 

  1. Glass Dahlia Hanging Tealight Lanterns Set Of 8

  2. Black Cap Solar LED Outdoor Pendant Shade

  3. Brushed Steel 3 Light Pendant Lamp With Cork Shade

  4. White Metal Amira Finial Hanging Lantern

  5. Round 12-Light Edison Bulb Chandelier

  6. Punched Gold Faceted Geometric Orb Miles Pendant Lamp


Floor Lamps

Floor lamps add a certain level of grandeur to a space. It lengthens the space and pulls together your entire design aesthetic. Floor lamps are perfect for living rooms. 

  1. Rust Crosby Pharmacy Floor Lamp

  2. Walnut Wood Tripod Austin Floor Lamp Base


Table Lamps

Table lamps are your opportunity to add pizzaz to your room. It can be a refined pizzaz or a shocking pizzaz, but make it your own. Find the right table lamps for your coffee, side, and console tables in your living room and bedroom. 

  1. Wood Teardrop Table Lamp Base

  2. Antique Brass Arrow Accent Lamp Base

  3. Glass Cloche 3 Edison Bulb Table Lamp

  4. Black And White Marble Rectangular Accent Lamp Base

  5. Antique Brass Mid Century Frankie Task Desk Lamp


Lamp Shades

Let’s take a moment to talk about lamp shades. If you want to get a basic table lamp, get a beautiful lamp shade. It will create multiple dimensions to your space and show your exact design style. Outfit your bedrooms, living rooms, and dens with fun lamp shades. 

  1. Natural Rattan Accent Lamp Shade

  2. Gold Fern Cotton Accent Lamp Shade


Wall Scones

Wall scones are both elegant and practical. They also have an element of surprise because many homes do not utilize the illustrious design of the wall scone. Give your living room, foyer, hallways, and patio this delicate surprise, and I promise you will receive tons of compliments. 

  1. Glass Globe Wall Scone

  2. Brass Nook Pivoting Wall Scone

  3. Brass Starburst Logan Wall Sconce


You really can’t go wrong with any of these choices. What’s your favorite type of lighting? 

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