Fitting a Queen Bed in a Studio

Master how to make a small space large with your design.

A bedroom is an oasis, an area for you to take a daily mini vacation. After a long day at work, I want to lounge in my bed. I faced some challenges designing a bedroom that is open, light, and airy in such a small space.

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I needed to think about the position of the bed, which turned out to be not too difficult because there really was only one practical orientation for the bed. The side tables were another consideration. Even though I studied my apartment’s floor plan, I couldn’t help but think, will the two side tables fit? And, for goodness sake, the headboard. I was nervous that the bed would hit both walls with the headboard, but luckily I still had several feet to walk from one side of the bed to the other. 

My bedroom’s grand total amounted to $1783.93. Of course my largest expense was the actual bed, which included the bed frame, box spring, and mattress (a total of  $1313.68). The rest went to dressing the bed up and to the side tables, lamps, and rug. 

Here’s what I bought:

My bedroom budget dangerously almost hit $2000; however, the majority of the pieces in my bedroom are a long-term investment. Particularly, the mattress, side tables, rug, and accent pillows are definitely pieces I could see throwing into my first home. 

Now that you’ve read about my tiny bedroom, take a look at the pictures below to see for yourself:


Here are some considerations you should think about when designing your bedroom.

Investing in long-term pieces

Like I said earlier, it makes sense to splurge on high-ticket items when you know that you will keep the piece for a long time. Even if you decide to trash your mattress in 4 years, that’s still 8 hours every day of your life that you sleep on that. That’s approximately 11,680 hours. You don’t want to get back pains because you refused to spend top-dollar for a mattress. And look at it from this angle too: you can pawn off your old stuff when you’re tired of it. My whole entire childhood I slept on the bed my mom had in her 20s, while she upgraded her furniture. 

Bringing old pieces to life

Making your bedroom feel like home means bringing pieces into your bedroom that you already associate with home. For me, that was bringing three artworks that my dad had tucked away for 35 years (yes, I stole it from him). I lovingly named them The Saxophone Man, The Yangtze River, and The Camel. All of the pictures bring together a diverse group of cultures and experiences reminding me everyday to open my mind up to learning and exploring. So, find some old trinkets in your parents basement or go to your neighborhood yard sale or go to Goodwill. 

Finding your statement piece

My favorite, favorite, favorite part about my bedroom is the rug. It’s as if every time I wake up and start my day, I am dipping my toes into a vast ocean. Okay, that was a little bit extreme, but that is the feeling you need when you decide on your statement piece. The rug not only works well because of its striking design, but also because its fairly large taking up about a third of the space. The rug is also the first entry point into the room – it sets the stage for everything else, so that your eyes move from bottom to the top soaking in the space. 


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