Designing a Studio Living Room

There's something mesmerizing about the mix of modern and romantic pieces — edgy and seductive all at the same time. 

For my very first apartment living alone, I spent months tirelessly searching for the perfect furniture. This task was no small feat. With only 539 sq ft in the whole apartment and about 100 sq ft in the living room, every piece counted.



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I wanted something minimalistic because I am a lazy human being (see my dead plant) and didn’t want to clean any more than I had to. But I also wanted a space that was functional – a space where I could sleep in, read in, watch Netflix in, and eat in. The sofa converts to a sleeper and my friends tell me it’s comfy. They might be lying to me, but I choose to believe otherwise because this sofa is like bathing in rich velvet. 

I spent under $1,000 on the furniture and decorations in this room, $969.07 to be exact, and outfitted the rest of the room with items I already owned. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Sofa: 292.26

  • Coffee Table: 200.25

  • Framed Art Print: 101.25

  • Lamp: 89.99

  • Bookcase: 79.99

  • TV Stand: 59.99

  • Carpet: 55.39

  • Pillows: 40.00

  • Throw Blanket: 28.95

  • Key Holder: 14.00

  • Dead Plant (it was alive when I purchased it): 7.00

Listen, should I have spent $200 on a coffee table? Probably not. But that was a splurge, and I got a sleeper sofa for less than $300 (when you justify spending too much on something by talking about how much you saved on something else…).   

All in all, this space puts me at ease and reflects the beginning of my life as an independent, money-spending adult.

Check out my studio living room pics below:


Here are a few things you should consider when decorating your living room:

Decide your color scheme

I knew that my blue velvet sofa would be the centerpiece of the living room, so I opted to surround the boldness of the blue with neutral colors like black, white, and gray. The black in the bookcase picks up the black tray on the coffee table, art frame, tv, and tv stand. The white pillows accents the modern coffee table. The gray in the carpet and coffee table complements the silver floor lamp and charcoal gray throw blanket. The key is to tie the colors together in a cohesive fashion. 

Decide your textures

Texture can be visual and tactile. The smooth finishes of the coffee table imprints on the Moroccan-inspired carpet. And, the black tray creates another dimension which seems to float on the table. The shaggy pillows juxtaposes the pin-tufted velvet. The plush sherpa blanket rests below the chrome, magnetic lamp. Different sizes of books and art pieces sit on the various bookcase compartments. Even the art piece wrestles with the illumination of the hot air balloons and the darkness that surrounds. Balance the room with several opposing textures to create harmony.  

Decide your layout

In a small space like mine it’s fairly easy to design the layout, but larger spaces warrant more thought. Do you want the space to feel open or feel like a separate room? How many areas of seating would you like? If you have small children, how will they traverse the room? I suggest examining your apartment or home’s floor plan, and designing accordingly. Remember to look at the dimensions of the room and consider the spacing between furniture and decorations. Make sure that the room is functional. If the space is only used when you’re watching the nightly news, center your space around the TV. 


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