Party Dresses by Body Type

Learn what dress you should wear to your Christmas party based on your body type, whether its for work or casual, so that you can look classy and elegant during the holiday.

Sometimes we struggle to find the best outfit for our body type. Well you don’t need to be in the struggle busy any longer because we’re going to go through the perfect dresses for your Christmas party outfit for work or a casual get together, or for any event for that matter. This dress will be sure to flatter your beautiful figure and highlight your wonderful personality during this holiday season.



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Straight body type

You have the same measurements for all sections of your body, and do not have a defined waist so your body looks straight.

You need a dress that will highlight your slim figure, while also giving you a waist.



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This dress is perfect because it accentuates you slim figure while also giving you curves.

Triangle Body Shape

You have a small bust and large hips.

You need a dress that broadens your shoulders to balance out your luscious hips.



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This dress widens yours shoulders while showing off your waist creating a fully balanced look.

Apple Body Shape

You have a larger bust, smaller hips, slims legs, and an undefined waist because you typically gain weight in your midsection.

You need a dress that accents your décolletage, gives you a defined waist, and highlights your slim legs.



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This dress showcases your bust and legs in a classy manner, while giving you a cinched waist.

Inverted Triangle Body SHape

You have broad shoulders, an undefined waist, small hips, and slim legs.

You need a dress to balance out your broad shoulders and slim legs by making them look more proportionate to each other.



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This dress covers partially the shoulders, while flattering those thin legs of yours to create more balance.

Hourglass Body Type

Your bust and hips are balanced, and you have a defined waist.

You need a dress that shows off your balanced proportions, curves, and your amazing waistline.



See the dress on Amazon here.

This dress will showcase your curves and small waist in a fun and classy way.

Dressing your body type won’t be tricky with this guide in your back pocket. Have a wonderful holiday!

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