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This morning skincare routine is for teens and people in their 20s, 30s, and 40s who are looking for helpful high-end and drugstore products.

Hello, dry, cold weather! We are getting into the thick of winter, and with these drastic changes, the health of our skin can deteriorate if its not taken care of properly. We need to switch our routines from a summer/fall mindset to a dead of winter mindset. We need a routine that moisturizes our skin and does not have products that will make our skin dry. Here is my morning routine for winter as a person who has combination skin and lives in Denver’s dry weather. But, too be honest I did this same routine in Austin’s hot summers as well, so this routine works for any climate!

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Morning Routine

Step 1

Wash Face with Cetaphil Cleanser & Clarisonic Brush.



See Cetaphil cleanser on Amazon here.

See Clarisonic Mia 2 on Amazon here.

A friend asked me what was my best purchase of the year at a bar this summer. I said the Clarisonic Mia. It gets my face so clean, helps with my pores, and gets rid of acne. Cetaphil is just the perfect low-budget, low-key solution for a morning cleanser.

Step 2

Apply Toner with Organyc Cotton Rounds & Origins United State Tonic .



See Organyc cotton rounds on Amazon here.

See Origins United State tonic on Amazon here.

I can’t say enough about this toner for combination skin. Like I can’t even describe how it hydrates my skin and gets it ready for the essence and serum steps.

Step 3

Apply Essence with hands and Origins Original Skin Essence.



See Origins Original Skin essence on Amazon here.

Got this essence for free for spending so much at Origins this summer (lol). This stuff does wonders for my pores.

Step 4

Apply Serum with hands and Lancome Genifique Concentrate.



See Lancome Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate on Amazon here.

I know this product is super expensive, so try to find travel size samples for free. I steal the samples from my mom 🙂 #thanksmom. But seriously, this stuff actually works and strangely gets rid of acne.

Step 5

Apply Moisturizers with hands: Thena Healing Cream for eczema and under eyes and Origins A Perfect World SPF 40.



See Thena Healing Cream on Amazon here.

See Origins A Perfect World SPF 40 on Amazon here.

Thank god for this Thena cream or I would be walking around with red blotches on my face from eczema #holygrailproduct #iwouldnevergooutinpublicwithoutthisproduct. This Origins moisturizer is the perfect hydrating moisturizer for mornings while giving you that high SPF 40 skin protection #noagingfromthesun.

Easy, right? I finish my morning skincare routine in 5 steps that ensure that my skin is clean, nourished, and vibrant. This skincare routine incorporates age-defense, sun-protection, and healing properties for my eczema.

What’s your winter morning skincare routine? Comment below.

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