Home Office Design On A Budget

Check out my small office design to get ideas for your small office decor and organization in your home.

I’m so excited to share my home office design with all y’all. I moved to Denver 3 months ago and had a pile of papers sitting on the built-in table in my one bedroom apartment. I knew this was the perfect space to make a little, functional office that would inspire me and also focus me. So whether you need small office ideas for decor or organization, you can check out my small office space design.



So here was my boring desk area before the redesign:

There’s nothing particularly wrong about this desk, but there’s nothing really great either. So let’s go through the steps to see how I spunk up this space!

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  1. Attach the Black Contact Paper to the Desk

Make sure that when you attach contact paper you have a smoother to smooth out the bubbles. Also, I found getting really low while applying the contact paper avoided most of the bubbles. You also need to make sure you have the right dimensions of your contact paper (oops, I made that mistake at first).

You can find the contact paper and smoother I used on Amazon.


2. Add the pictures

I used the scratch off map I got as a gift from a good friend and a beautiful and inspiring photograph of the young girl facing the bull on Wall Street in NYC. I think this is perfect for an office space because it reminds you that the world is large, much like your fantastic ideas and literally girl power!

The photograph comes from Society6 and you can get a scratch off map on Amazon.

Enough of these extra things, let’s talk about our practical needs when we’re actually working at a desk.

3. Add the Desk Organizer

I love this gold desk organizer set because it accents the black contact paper so well. It also is a very simplistic, easy way to organize your papers without getting a full on cabinet.

Get this desk organizer on Amazon.

Now we need to wrap it all up by adding nature, art, and a place to sit.

4. Add Plants, Decorations, & Stool

I added nature to the desk area because it makes the desk serene. The art I got from my trip to Cuba earlier this year adds a twist and liveliness to the desk. Lastly, the beautiful plush desk stool is oh so comfortable, and fits in nicely with my black and gold motif.

To get these awesome fake flowers go to Amazon.

What do you like about this small office design? Comment below.

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