5 Eczema Remedies To Heal Eczema Fast

Follow these five eczema remedies for your face, eyelid, hand, and legs for adults, kids, and babies that suffer from severe eczema.

Trust me. Dealing with eczema is hard. I moved from Texas to Colorado this year and realized that my skin does not like dry weather. Like literally I’m all about the humidity now. I would rather sweat than have eczema. But it wasn’t my legs or back or stomach, all body parts that I could hide, that were affected by eczema. No. It had to be my face, as I started a new job (lol, this is my life). In a effort to look like a normal person, I had to go into full turbo mode to fix the wrong that is the eczema on my face. It looked like my right eye had a black eye, my left eye had a red patch under it, and the skin around my lips would flake all day.



If you’re suffering with eczema, especially on the face, follow these tips and use the products that I did to tame your eczema and make it go away.

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  1. Use an Ice Pack

    The coolness of an ice pack will help stop the itchiness of eczema. This is super important for you to heal your eczema by not continuously scratching the infected area.



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2. Use A Gentle Cleanser

You don’t want to use a cleanser that has harsh chemicals that will exacerbate you already fragile skin’s problems. Look at the ingredients in your cleansers. Choose one that does not have parabens (i.e. chemical preservatives) , such as phenoxyethanol.



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3. Use A Moisturizing Cream

Moisturizer will be your best friend, whether the eczema is on your face or your body. Moisturize throughout the day as needed. I find that I like to moisturize 3 – 4 times a day. Remember moisturizing is the most effective right after using your gentle cleanser, so that the moisturizer seeps deep down into your pores.



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*this product truly was the game-changer for getting my facial eczema under control — like it literally worked within one day so that I didn’t look like a zombie going to work #bless

4. Use A Humidifier

Bringing more humidity to your rooms at home will help your eczema heal quicker. I have my humidifier in my bedroom and it brings the humidity in the room from a Colorado humidity level to good ‘ol Texas humidity level. This is extremely important if you realize your skin just doesn’t like dry weather.



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5. Change Diet

Your diet can change everything. Eczema is an inflammatory skin condition, so a food allergy can cause flare ups. Common allergies include eggs, dairy products, nuts, and soy. In addition, food high in sugar, preservatives, and artificial ingredients, will exacerbate your eczema symptoms as well. Many people use an elimination diet to identify the foods that are causing their flare ups.

With all of these tips, your eczema will be under control. Do you have any more tips? Comment below.

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